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The ability to jump and do it well is critical to sports performance and injury prevention. It’s definitely worth it to improve this quality with vertical jump training. The vertical jump is used as a benchmark for testing power, athleticism, and a tool that’s used to select and recruit athletes.

This blog article will include a 6-Week Vertical Jump Training Program that is meant for an athlete with little experience to training and is looking to start a properly designed program.

Before diving in, there are 3 qualities that are necessary to have a successful vertical jump.


Jumping is a skill. Although jumping may seem easy, there are so many athletes that butcher this movement or do not understand how to use their body to create momentum to maximize their jump.


In order to increase POWER, you must have the ability to apply enough FORCE. I’ve seen athletes improve their jump power output simply by getting stronger.


There’s nothing wrong with getting strong but if you don’t know how to use it quickly then that limits your sports performance. Being able to exert a TON of FORCE quickly is key to having a good power output.

6-Week Vertical Jump Training Program

Week 1-3

The first 3 weeks of the vertical jump training program is all about improving your jumping and landing technique, and building overall strength. Typically you want to do this on a Monday, Wednesday, & Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday schedule.

Week 1/2/3 – Day 1

General Warmup 5-10 mins – If you’re looking for ideas on how to properly warm-up download your FREE Athlete Pack which includes one of the three eBooks: Movement Preparation – Complete Athletic Warmup.

*A1+A2 = Superset

Week 1/2/3 – Day 2

General Warmup 5-10mins

Week 1/2/3 – Day 3

General Warmup 5-10mins

*Add 2.5lbs-5lbs every week to your squat and deadlift.

Week 4 – This week can be used as a DELOAD week. Feel free to do some sport-specific activity or some light activities. Don’t tax your body as you’ll need to be fresh for week 5 & 6.

Week 5 & 6

This week will focus on mostly using that new strength that you gain and being able to transfer that force quickly. It will mostly be plyometric, and explosive strength exercises.

Week 5/6 – Day 1

General Warmup 5-10mins

Week 5/6 – Day 2

Week 5/6 – Day 3

*Adequate rest is needed because each attempt should be done with INTENT and EFFORT.

These vertical jump variations could get SPORT SPECIFIC. For example, if you play basketball, you can go to a court and attempt these by dunking (or trying to dunk).

If you’re ready to take your VERTICAL JUMP to the next level, make sure you check out TAKE FLIGHT – Vertical Jump Program.

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