Become an elite athlete anywhere, anytime.

Sprint faster, jump explosively, and get stronger with our Athletic Bodyweight Program! All bodyweight exercises to give you the results you want without needing a WEIGHT-ROOM.

Become an elite athlete anywhere, anytime.


Are you a serious athlete looking to jump higher, sprint faster, and get stronger without ever having to touch a barbell or spend hundreds of dollars on a gym membership?

The Athletic Bodyweight Program is the #1 online sports performance program for athletes who want to be the most explosive in their sport – without needing any equipment. 

Over the next 8 weeks, you’re going to INSANELY 

… increase your vertical jump

 … improve your linear and multidirectional speed 

… maximize your bodyweight strength! 

PLUS, we’re going to work on keeping you healthy, durable, injury-free, and game-day ready.

As a strength coach who has trained pro athletes in the NBA, NHL, and Team Canada, I want to help you become an unstoppable athlete with this online training program. Even if you’re stuck at home with nothing but a small space.

Whether you’re a basketball player, soccer player, track & field athlete, or just someone who wants to perform like an athlete – this is the perfect training program for you to #BeELITE anytime and anywhere!


Are you an athlete that’s ready to take your game to the next level?

I know, that’s an easy one to answer… because who doesn’t want to be an elite athlete?

The truth is that most athletes have what it takes to outwork the competition. To be the best in their sport. 

Like you, they have the grit, the determination, and the drive to reach their athletic potential.

But the hurdle they can’t get over is that they lack the results-driven plan to get there. 

Add on a global pandemic and maybe you’re an athlete who’s

        …. lacking access to weights and equipment?

        …. lacking access to a gym or basketball court?

        …. unsure of what training to do next to stay game-day ready?

I want to make it clear – I designed this Athletic Bodyweight Program specifically for you to become explosively fast, strong, and agile in your sport without needing any equipment! 

Over the next 8 weeks, you’re going to INSANELY increase your vertical jump, improve your linear and multidirectional speed, and maximize your bodyweight strength! 

AND we’re going to work on keeping you healthy, durable, and injury-free.

As a strength coach who has trained pro athletes in the NBA and NHL, I want to help you become an unstoppable athlete with this online training program. 

Even if you’re stuck at home with nothing but a small space.

No limits. No guesswork. Results is all we’re after. 

Because you were built to BE ELITE.

Let’s get to WORK!

become elite, elusive + agile

Develop your multidirectional speed and agility so that you can blow by defenders, start and stop on a dime, and make game-changing plays.

increase your vertical power

Maximize your vertical gains and jump explosively in your sport. With Vertical Power training days, you'll be able to dunk higher, get that head-turning rebound, and out-jump the opponent!

develop killer linear speed

Put in that linear speed work so you can stop playing catch-up and sprint freakishly fast on the field, on the track, or on the basketball court.

build your bodyweight strength

Master your bodyweight and get stronger without needing any weights or equipment. Every exercise video demonstration will help you perform well and see optimal results.

Train like nba pros for a fraction of the cost

To be an elite athlete, you need to train like an elite athlete. I'm giving you the exact bodyweight exercises I've used when training NBA and NHL pros!

zero guesswork. The formula is all here.

The plan is all here to take your game to an elite level! This 2-phased program is strategically designed over 8 weeks. Get 4 training days plus 2 active recovery days per week, all laid out for you.

train 4 days a week + 2 active recovery days

advanced 8-week program, 2 phases

all bodyweight, no equipment needed

includes bonus nutrition guide

Join Over 18,000 KP ELITE athletes today!

WHAT YOU'LL GET TODAY lifetime access for only $47

frequently asked questions

The Athletic Bodyweight Program is an 8-week online training program that helps athletes develop speed, agility, power, and conditioning without any equipment! 

This program includes life-time access to the Athletic Bodyweight Program PDF, exercise video demonstrations, and bonus eBook. 

You’ll also get your own login to our Online Program Dashboard where you can access your downloads, track your progress, and watch check-in videos from your strength coach – Coach KP. 

This program is for all athletes of any sport that want to get faster and more explosive! If you’re a parent or a coach, this program is also great for you to do with your youth athletes.

Yes, you can do the Athletic Bodyweight Program anywhere – even at home! Bonus points if you have access to an open space or a field, but the program includes alternative exercises if you’re working with a smaller space.

After successfully purchasing your program, you will receive a confirmation email with your login info and instructions on how to access the Online Program Dashboard. There, you’ll be able to see the full program and all the downloads so you can get started!

The Athletic Bodyweight Program is currently available for a one-time cost of $47 (value of $157).

Take advantage of this lifetime value and access.

All pricing is in Canadian dollars. Digital programs are non-refundable.

it's time to take your game to an elite level!