Here’s a basketball agility workout that you can do anywhere with minimal space. All you need are a few cones and a medicine ball. If you don’t have a medicine ball, you can use a basketball. You’ll only need 2 pieces of equipment later on in the training session.

A game of basketball is very dynamic and requires you to move in different directions quickly. You must be able to quickly evade defenders, stop on a dime to create space for a jump shot, or explosively jump up to grab a rebound.

It is important for you to be able to execute these skills in multiple directions and in a controlled manner so that you don’t get hurt. The demands that come with the sport make basketball agility workout a crucial part when planning a basketball training program.

This basketball agility workout will improve your change of direction speed, quickness, and explosiveness on the basketball court.

Be quick and agile in all directions.

Stop and start on a dime.

Evade your opponents and be shifty when handling the ball.

Dynamic Warmup

Adductor T-Spine Rotation – Lengthen your adductors and improve your T-spine mobility.

Deep Lateral Squat – This is a great dynamic stretch on your adductors and also work out ankle mobility for the opposite side.

Single-Leg RDL Airplanes – This will build single-leg stability and balance.

Lateral High Knees – This is great for priming your nervous system and moving in the frontal plane.

Agility Block A

A1. Lateral Pogo Hop – This will build ankle stiffness and quick ground contact moving laterally.

A2. Single-Leg Lateral Jump Shuffle – This will help improve your single-leg lateral jump power.

A3. Single-Leg Lateral to Rotational Jump – This will help you build explosiveness in multiple directions.

Agility Block B

B1. 3 Cone Push Step Shuffle Pivot

B2. Triangle Shuflle

B3. Medball Triangle Shuffle

All 3 of these drills can help you build quickness and multidirectional speed. This will help you quickly turn your hips and keep up with your opponents on the court to make a stop or play. Having the ability to disassociate your lower and upper body can improve your court awareness while staying agile.

Agility Block C

C1. Rotational Pivot Jump – This will help you explode rotationally and be able to jump higher after the pivot.

C2. Medball Fast Lateral Hop – This is great for building foot and ankle strength to bounce quickly in different directions.

C3. Medball Crossunder Lunge – This is great for improving ankle range of motion and lower body strength. Crossunder and crossover movements happen all the time on the court so building specific strength in those angles can be a game changer.

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