basketball strength workout with weights

Basketball Strength Workout

When it comes to doing a basketball strength workout in-season, you need to be efficient and effective in the weight room. Your schedule during the season is packed with practice time, film sessions, classes, and other factors out of your control.

You need to be efficient with your time in the weight room and keep your workouts simple and straight to the point. By utilizing your time wisely, you can keep building strength throughout the season and apply that new strength gain to build your explosiveness for when it matters.

Most athletes tend to feel weaker as the season progresses closer to the post-season. This is why having a proper strength program will help you stay durable and have you performing at your peak when it matters.

Here’s a sample basketball strength workout that you can do in-season to help you withstand/match the intensity of in-season basketball.


  1. Tall Lateral Bounds – 6sets x 7reps each

Focus on trying to get maximum height with each jump.

2. Box Squat 3-5sets x 4reps (working up to your 85%)

Quickly explode up with maximum intent.

3. Barbell Hip Hinge – 3sets x 6 reps (70-75%)

Keep repetition smooth and controlled.

4. Dumbbell Forward Lunge – 3sets x 6reps (Add 2.5 or 5lbs per set)

Rebound quickly after lunging forward.


  1. Barbell Deadlifts – Work up to your heavy 1-3rep max

Make sure you focus on good technique and once you reach your max 1-3 repetitions, move on to the next exercise.

2. Dynamic Lateral Pushup – 3sets x 5reps each side

Focus on being stable.

3. Stability Ball Hamstring Curl – 3sets x 10reps

Keep repetition controlled.

4. Standing Iso Dumbbell Vertical Press 3sets x 5reps each

Focus on keeping your knees up and staying tall.

These are just a couple of examples of a basketball strength workout that is simple and effective. When it comes to in-season workouts, it should be simple and focus on movements that will give you the most bang for your buck.

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