Sometimes all you have access to are a pair of dumbbells in the weight-room. BUT that is all you need to get the job done! Dumbbells are very versatile! They provide many variations to achieve different training goals. Specifically for improving power, here are 6 of the best dumbbell exercises to increase your vertical jump and athleticism. The goal of all these dumbbell exercises are to supplement your current jump training to build power. You will still need to practice jumping constantly and with good technique.

Dumbbell Drop Squat Pause Jump

The focus should be on the quality of the execution rather than quantity. Although jumping for height is important, proper mechanics are key. Make sure you get full ankles, knees, and hip extension. Maintain good positioning throughout the movement, and land firmly in a solid athletic position.

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This movement will not only develop single-leg power but it can also improve single-leg stability. This can help increase the amount of force you put into the ground, which can improve single-leg jumping ability and acceleration.

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Make sure to use weights that is not too heavy. Jump as quickly as you can. with minimal knee bend. This plyometric drill will help improve your

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This is a great way to improve explosive strength and power in a split stance position.

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This is an advanced exercise as it requires a ton of coordination and power.

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For performance, you can start with 2-4 sets for 3-6 reps for each of these dumbbell exercises to increase your vertical jump. Good amount of rest is necessary because each rep perform should be explosive. Keep it simple and train smart! If you haven’t already, make sure you download the FREE Athlete Pack which includes 2 eBook on training and nutrition.

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