Here’s a basketball agility workout that you can do anywhere with minimal space. All you need are a few cones and a medicine ball. If you don’t have a medicine ball, you can use a basketball. You’ll only need 2 pieces of equipment later on in the training session. A game of basketball is very
Basketball core exercises should include some type of resistance to anti-flexion, extension, and rotation to build core stability. Once that is achieved, it should progress to movements that train your core to be efficient at generating power through the torso and hips. A strong core not only helps improve your vertical leap, but also helps
What is Quickness? In most sports, both quickness and speed are important to perform really well. Often times they’re both considered as being identical skills. Let’s get into what exactly basketball quickness means and why it matters. Speed is when you move your body in one direction as fast as you can. So think of
Basketball is an explosive sport that requires you to sprint faster and to jump higher, but it also demands that you be physically strong – especially with your upper body and core. Since most hoopers are busy with practicing the skills of basketball, here is an explosive basketball upper body workout that you can do
Want to become an explosive basketball athlete? Here’s an at-home basketball workout that you can do anywhere, anytime – all you need is a little bit of space and a basketball. This workout is broken down into four quarters. Once you’ve completed the dynamic warm-up section, the first quarter will focus on plyometric movements to
If you’re a basketball athlete, try this basketball drill to build quickness, footwork, and finishing on court. This Sprint Pivot Finishing Drill will help you improve your quick burst of speed, footwork when pivoting, and finishing around the basket. Variations are endless. You can switch it up based on what you want to prioritize on
Basketball athletes don’t need a fancy weight-room to build elite level core strength and mobility. If you’re serious about reducing the chances of getting injured and staying durable throughout the season, then you need to prioritize having good core strength, stability, and mobility. Athleticism starts from the ground-up. You need to prioritize your movement from
There are a few reasons why athletes need to have some knowledge on how to properly and effectively design a training program. A major part in why I enjoy coaching is because I want to educate athletes to eventually have some skills that they can take with them during and after their athletic careers. Now,
When choosing plyometric exercises to supplement your sprint training, the best exercises are the ones that’s specific and similar to the nature of sprinting. You want to mimic the posture, position, and ground contact time as close to when you’re sprinting. That means that these plyometric exercises require you to have a tall upright posture,