Basketball athletes don’t need a fancy weight-room to build elite level core strength and mobility. If you’re serious about reducing the chances of getting injured and staying durable throughout the season, then you need to prioritize having good core strength, stability, and mobility. Athleticism starts from the ground-up. You need to prioritize your movement from
Sometimes all you have access to are a pair of dumbbells in the weight-room. BUT that is all you need to get the job done! Dumbbells are very versatile! They provide many variations to achieve different training goals. Specifically for improving power, here are 6 of the best dumbbell exercises to increase your vertical jump
Every athlete wants to jump higher. Even if your sport doesn’t involve frequent jumps, a higher vertical jump is an indicator that you’re a powerful athlete. Focus on these five key points and get ready to TAKE FLIGHT. 1. IMPROVE STRENGTH An athlete that can create more force in the same amount of time will