How to Jump Higher: 5 Tips to a Higher Vertical Jump

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How To Jump Higher

Every athlete wants to jump higher. Even if your sport doesn’t involve frequent jumps, a higher vertical jump is an indicator that you’re a powerful athlete.

Focus on these five key points and get ready to TAKE FLIGHT.


An athlete that can create more force in the same amount of time will jump higher. If you want to develop strength focus on heavy lower-body movements like the squats, lunges, deadlift, etc.

Power = (FORCE x velocity)


The second half of the equation is speed (VELOCITY). Strength means nothing if you can’t produce it quickly. You need to be able to generate as much force in a short time frame. The best way to develop this is doing plyometrics or explosive strength movements (Hurdle hop, Medball throws, banded squats, etc.).


You can gain a couple of inches simply by fixing your jump and landing mechanics. This will also reduce your chances of injury which results in MORE training time. Click HERE for my jump mechanics video.


You need to overcome your own bodyweight when pushing off the ground. Becoming leaner will help reduce resistance.


There are times where less is more. You can’t be explosive if you’re tired. Not giving your body and brain time to recover can reduce your jumping performance and increase injury risk.

Use these 5 tips to help you improve your jumping ability but also your in-game performance.

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2 Comments to “ How to Jump Higher: 5 Tips to a Higher Vertical Jump”

  1. Jake says :Reply

    What can I do to improve my strength? These are great tips btw!

    1. Coach Kyle says :Reply

      Thats a great question. Typically doing more compound movements like the squat and deadlift are great for building lower body strength. Follow me on instagram where I post more training tips

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