Basketball Upper Body Exercises

Top 5 Basketball Upper Body Strength Exercises

Why Building Basketball Upper Body Strength Is Important?

If you’re an athlete that wants to score down the paint or finish around the rim better, building basketball upper body strength is critical for being able to absorb contact and still get your shots off.

Upper body strength is also a key factor in helping you add more power to your shots, stronger passes, and protecting the ball when rebounding or gathering to finish.

When it comes to building upper body strength, you need to make sure that the exercises that you do strengthen your entire trunk area all around. A lot of younger hoopers tend to focus on the front side (Chest, Shoulders and Abs) and neglect the posterior (Upper/Mid Back Area). You also need to train the upper body functionally which means that you need to build strength and power in all planes of motion (flexion, extension, and rotation).

Here Are The Top 5 Basketball Upper Body Strength Exercises.


This is a great exercise to build unilateral upper body rotational push strength that can increase movement asymmetries, shoulder stability, and improve overall shoulder health and development. Think about how often you have to rotate your body and extend the ball up with one arm to finish around the rim quickly.


This exercise will help improve upper back rotational pulling strength and mobility. For example, when you grab a rebound and you’re trying to rotate your body away from the opposition and pull the ball towards you to secure it.


This is another unilateral movement that helps build upper body push strength and core stability by resisting rotation. Resisting rotation is key to being able to take contact and maintain control to increase your chances of finishing. Think of great basketball players that can finish around the basket, they usually have great upper body strength and physique.


This is a great movement for developing upper and mid-back mass and strength. A stronger back will help with better posture and core strength.


This movement is amazing for improving your rotational pulling power. The added pivot makes it very functional variation that can translate on the court.

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