3 drills to stop on a dime faster

3 Basketball Drills to Stop on a Dime Faster

It’s not about how fast you can start but how fast you can STOP. When it comes to creating space and changing directions, you need to be able to decelerate quickly and efficiently to burst out of that position to gain a step on the defender. These 3 basketball drills will help you stop on a dime faster.

They are simple enough that you only need a pair of dumbbells, preferably on the lighter end. You don’t need to go as heavy because these are explosive movements.

Check out the video below.

Here are the 3 Basketball Drills to Stop on a Dime Faster

1. Dumbbell Split Drop Lunge

This movement works on fast eccentrics and strength to lunge from that split drop. You can start with bodyweight to master the movement then progressively add load.

How to Perform:

2. Dumbbell Lateral Lunge Rebound

This movement will help build lateral strength and power.

How to Perform:

3. Dumbbell Elevated Lunge Punch

This movement is similar to a drop jump variation because of the quick ground contact nature of the drill. This is a form of plyometric that is low-level. By lunging off the low box with load, you increase the intensity of the exercise which can help enhance the performance of the stretch-shortening cycle.

How to Perform:

Give these drills a try! Start by doing 3 sets for 4-6 repetitions.

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