Want to become an explosive basketball athlete? Here’s an at-home basketball workout that you can do anywhere, anytime – all you need is a little bit of space and a basketball.

This workout is broken down into four quarters.

Once you’ve completed the dynamic warm-up section, the first quarter will focus on plyometric movements to work on your bounce and explosiveness.

The second quarter will focus on change of direction speed, quickness, and footwork.

The third quarter will focus on bodyweight strength exercises that will improve your on-court stability, strength, and movement.

Lastly, the fourth quarter will focus on ball handling movements that are dynamic and as a finisher, it blends in a conditioning aspect that is specific on the court.

Each quarter will have a time of work and rest ratio so that you can easily follow along. If it’s very easy to perform, feel free to increase work time and decrease rest. And, if it’s very challenging, you can keep the work time the same but add more time to your rest.

Although it is a time-based circuit, the main priority should be on quality and not the number of repetitions.

At-home basketball workout with Coach KP

As for the breakdown of how we’re going to get you explosive and fired up, we’re going to work on:

I’ve made this At-Home Basketball Workout into a full and free follow-along video. Click play below and let’s get started!

Give this bodyweight basketball workout a try and let me know how it goes! And if you want to take your basketball training to the NEXT level, then definitely check out the Handles & Conditioning Program below.