Kyle Paraggua is the Director and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of KP Strength & Performance & KP ELITE. Certified through the NSCA and Precision Nutrition, Coach Kyle is known for his detailed and results-driven training and for his complete dedication to his clients as he purposefully sets out to help them feel, look and perform better. Since taking early action and stepping into the industry in 2011, Kyle’s experience includes working with Team Canada’s Olympic-level figure skaters, professional and semi-professional athletes (NHL, OHL, AHL), and youth athletes and teams. He also trains regular gym-goers and weightlifting enthusiasts, and leads weekly speed-and-strength camps. Kyle believes in combining real world experience and a research-based approach to movement, injury-prevention, and performance enhancement to stay in the foreground of strength training. Whether he is leading an athlete to maximize their performance or motivating online coaching clients through positive and in-depth feedback, Kyle genuinely cares about helping his clients excel in their pursuits. Through every session, Kyle provides athletes with a wealth of knowledge and an amazing training experience.
top 5 explosive upper body exercises for basketball athletes
Upper body & Agility Workout For Basketball Players
Being strong in the weight room is a good baseline but at some point, you’re going to need to turn that strength into power. Every athlete wants to feel powerful to perform better in their sport, so how do you train for power effectively? You’re probably thinking that you need to perform a bunch of
3 Basketball Drills to Stop on a Dime Faster It’s not about how fast you can start but how fast you can STOP. When it comes to creating space and changing directions, you need to be able to decelerate quickly and efficiently to burst out of that position to gain a step on the defender.
Complete Basketball Workout In today’s game, if you’re not prioritizing your strength and conditioning combined with your skills workout then you are falling behind. To become a full-package player, you need to give yourself an edge by building your body physically and mentally. This complete basketball workout can help you get the competitive edge you
The Importance of Dynamic Warmup For Basketball Players Dynamic Warmup For Basketball Players The warmup is very important in a player’s pre-game routine. It helps the players prepare for the upcoming training session or game and has a major role in injury prevention. Most of the time, the success of your training/practice sessions depends on
TOP 5 EXPLOSIVE LANDMINE EXERCISES FOR ATHLETES The landmine setup is one of the most versatile training tools you can use with any athlete. Not every athlete is built to do conventional deadlifts off the floor or have the mobility to perform Olympic lifts. Just by placing a barbell at the corner of a wall or a
How to Build Your Own Athletic Workout Plan Are you one of those athletes that walk in the gym that stretches for a couple of minutes then go do an exercise or workout that you saw on social media? By knowing how to build your own athletic workout plan, you will maximize your performance and
plyometrics and power workout
If you want to move quicker and blow by players on the court or become a lockdown defender, then it’s essential to have great lateral speed and mechanics. Before we go into my top 5 lateral speed drills for basketball, there are tons of lateral drills to help you become faster laterally but keeping it