complete basketball workout

Complete Basketball Workout

In today’s game, if you’re not prioritizing your strength and conditioning combined with your skills workout then you are falling behind. To become a full-package player, you need to give yourself an edge by building your body physically and mentally. This complete basketball workout can help you get the competitive edge you need to become an elite-level basketball player.

Why You Need to Combine Basketball Strength and Skills Training

Strength training is one of the most effective ways to help build a strong physical and mental performance. There’s a saying that goes, “Your best ability is availability.” This means that if you are hurt then you can’t play, and when you can’t play you can’t perform on the basketball court.

Training smart and developing the optimal size, and strength can have a huge boost in your mental performance. This helps hoopers gain more confidence since they feel stronger, and faster on and off the court.

However, the priority should still be your basketball skills workout and strength training should complement your on-court training.

Here’s an example of how you can structure your on and off-court workouts.

Here’s The Complete Basketball Workout video.

Workout #1 – Day 1A: Max Effort Plyometrics & Lower Body Strength

  1. Warmup:
1. Activation2. Movement Prep3. Neural Prep
Bent Knee Calf Raise 1x8eaWGS 1x8eaLow Ankle Hop to Drop Squat 1×10
Wall Standing Calf Raise 1×8Rotational Reverse Lunge 1x8eaLow Ankle Hop To Split Drop 1×10
Reverse Stepup 1x8eaLunge Matrix 1x3ea

2. Max Effort Plyometrics

MovementsSets x Reps
A1. Ankle Jump – Quick Contact
A2. Single Leg Ankle Hop (Hand on Hip)
B1. Depth Box Jump 3×5

3. Lower Body Strength

MovementsSets x Reps
C1. Back Squat3×6-10 (60-70%)
C2. Split Squat Iso Rotational Press3×6-8ea

4. Accessory Strength Movements

MovementsSets x Reps
D1. Dumbbell Deadlift
D2. Resistance Band Split Drop Rotational Press
D3. Dumbbell Forward Lunge
3×10 or 6ea

Workout #2 – Day 1B: Finishing and Shooting

  1. Warmup
MovementsSets x Reps
Between The Legs
Behind The Back
2 x Sideline to Sideline
Mikan Drill
Form Shooting
Rhythm Through Pullup
10 makes each finish
5makes at 5 spots
10 makes each side

2. Finishing Drills

MovementsSets x Reps
Crossover Jab
Behind The Back Shift
Quarter Spin
10 makes each hand and each side of the court

3. Off-The-Dribble Shooting Drills

MovementsSets x Reps
Load Through Hesi Pullup
Lateral Float Hesi Pullup
Snatch Hesi Pullup
10-20 makes each side

This is an example of how you can structure your training day. The strength workout can be done in the morning and the skills workout can be done in the afternoon/evening. you can also switch the order depending on the difficulty and intensity of the workout sessions.

Hope this helps you!

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