basketball core exercises

Basketball core exercises should include some type of resistance to anti-flexion, extension, and rotation to build core stability. Once that is achieved, it should progress to movements that train your core to be efficient at generating power through the torso and hips.

A strong core not only helps improve your vertical leap, but also helps you maintain stability in your back, shoulder, and hip joints. And it’s the foundation of an efficient go-to move on both offense and defense.

A well-rounded workout routine will include core exercises to help you build endurance, build strength, improve balance, and prevent injury.

Here are some great examples of a great basketball core workout routine that will help you become a better player on the court!

All of these basketball core exercises require just one piece of equipment which is a resistance band. Preferably the bands that have handles on both sides.

What’s also great about all of these basketball core exercises is that you stay on your feet which allows you to create stability and balance while performing athletic movements.

Here are the Top 5 Basketball Core Exercises:

1. Resistance Band Pallof Shuffle

Grab the resistance band handle and set up in an athletic position. Shuffle side to side while resisting rotation.

2. Resistance Band Jab Step Vertical Press

Grab the resistance band handle, jab with the outer leg, and press the handle vertically. Resist the side bend at the top of the movement.

3. Resistance Band Rotational Hip Turn Row

Grab the resistance band handle and have that arm extended. Quickly turn the hips and pull the band while leading with your elbow.

4. Resistance Band Pivot Press

Start in an athletic position, quickly pivot and press the handle horizontally.

5. Resistance Band Split Drop Press

Start tall then drop into a split stance while rotating and pressing the handle horizontally.

Hope this was helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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