So many athletes want to sprint faster but mistakenly turn their speed training session into CONDITIONING. Other times they just don’t understand the principles of speed training. They think that the more they “run” the better. When it comes to improving speed, it’s about quality over quantity.

To maximize speed development, you need to train three components: Top-end speed, Acceleration, and Speed Endurance. Sprinting is also a skill that needs to be developed. The most efficient way to sprint faster is to practice SPRINTING FASTER.

Here is a 3-Day Speed Training Program that will help any athlete get faster. It involves sprint training, plyometrics, and weight training.

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**Make sure that you double check the changes for each week whether it’s a different exercise, set and rep schemes, distance, and rest times.

Day 1: Top End Speed

General Warmup: 5-10mins

  1. 10m Flys 4sets x 1rep (Rest: 2-5mins) *SPRINTS MUST BE MAX EFFORT*
  2. Depth Drop 4sets x 5reps (Rest: 2mins)
  3. Drop Jump 4x6reps (Rest: 2mins)
  4. Speed Bounds 3×7 (Rest: 2mins)

Day 2: Acceleration

General Warmup: 5-10mins

  1. 15m Sprint: 2-Point Stance 5×1 (Rest: 2mins) *SPRINTS MUST BE MAX EFFORT*
  2. Broad Jump Triple 3×3 (Rest: 1-3 mins)
  3. Single-Leg Broad Jump 3×3 (Rest: 1-3 mins)
  4. Dumbbell Squat Jump 3×3 (Rest: 1-3mins)
  5. Barbell Bent-Over Row 3×6 (Rest 1-2mins)

Day 3: Short Speed Endurance

General Warmup: 5-10mins

  1. 60m Sprint 3×2 (Rest: 60sec//6mins-8mins) *SPRINTS MUST BE MAX EFFORT*
  2. Depth Jump 3×5 (Rest: 1-3 mins)
  3. Alternate Bounds 3x20m (Rest: 1-3 mins)
  4. Barbell Deadlift 3×5 (Rest: 1-3mins)
  5. Neutral Grip Chinup 3x6each (Rest: 1-2mins)
  6. Dumbbell Incline Bench Press 3×8-12 (Rest: 1-2mins)

This 3-Day program should help jumpstart your speed development. It’s a simple and effective program that will help you sprint faster to improve your sports performance.

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