Plyometric Exercises For Speed Development

When choosing plyometric exercises to supplement your sprint training, the best exercises are the ones that’s specific and similar to the nature of sprinting. You want to mimic the posture, position, and ground contact time as close to when you’re sprinting. That means that these plyometric exercises require you to have a tall upright posture, […]

Developing Elite Speed in Athletes

To effectively develop speed, the bulk of your training program should consist of high speed and high-quality movements. While most of you understand that SPEED is one of the most important qualities to train, most think that it’s just about adding more sprints. While there are certainly benefits to doing more to build some work […]

Sprint Faster With This 3-Day Speed Training Program

So many athletes want to sprint faster but mistakenly turn their speed training session into CONDITIONING. Other times they just don’t understand the principles of speed training. They think that the more they “run” the better. When it comes to improving speed, it’s about quality over quantity. To maximize speed development, you need to train […]

Top 3 Banded Multi-Directional Speed Drills

For athletes wanting to improve your quickness, here are my top 3 banded multi-directional speed drills. All you need is a resistance band around your hip! These drills help improve: ✅ First step quickness✅ Stability & Balance✅ Deceleration & body control Reasons why adding a band can help you improve: 1️⃣The band helps auto regulate […]